• Legislative Drafting

    The firm provides services to dozens of public employee pension plans throughout the US in the area of plan review and legislative drafting…
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  • Fiduciary Education

    The primary duty of a pension fund lawyer is to ensure that the trustees do the right thing. It is our practice to prepare for all of the boards…
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  • Legal Counseling

    In the course of its duties, the board of trustees will be called upon from time to time to interpret various provisions of the ordinance…
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  • Litigation

    Despite the best efforts and intentions of the trustees, there will be times when the board finds itself as either a plaintiff or defendant in…
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At the law firm of Klausner, Kaufman, Jensen & Levinson, a Partnership of Professional Associations, we devote our practice exclusively to the representation of retirement and benefit systems and related labor and employment relations matters. Today, we are among the most highly regarded firms in North America in the increasingly crucial area of pension issues.

As a major player on the national level in public employee retirement matters, we often call upon a comprehensive research system capable of accessing virtually all relevant legislation at the federal level and across the 50 states. In so doing, we are able to monitor – and in some cases anticipate – changing trends in the law to a degree that most general practitioners would consider a luxury to be funded by their clients. To us, it’s simply part of being a responsible and pro-active advocate.

In addition, we frequently furnish state and local governments throughout the United States with background information on many of the newest and most complex issues involving public retirement systems. No matter how much proficiency we develop, though, our relationship with those we represent can still be summed up in one sentence: As important as it is to know the laws, it is even more important to know our clients.